A Revolution in
Card Display Systems

Clear Thinking from Axiom is an entirely new type of display system designed to give you...

  • A much neater display of greeting cards
  • Unique flexibility to change the number of rows of cards or the % of each card showing
  • A whole new range of display ideas for tight spaces

Clear Thinking uses specially developed clear trays which guarantee that cards cannot slump forward.

The trays are clear but non-reflective & are practically unbreakable. They support taller cards better to stop them ‘fanning out’ at the top.

You can choose the number of tiers and the % of each card design you would like to show. This can be changed for seasonal ranges and promotions.

We can work out the optimum display format to suit any height, width or depth restrictions you may have.

The benefits of this system are so significant
that we have patented it.

Axiom Displays Ltd have launched a new display range. It is the first cohesive range to optimize the display presentation of greeting cards, giftwrap, giftware, books and magazines. It is free standing (so shop fitting costs are minimized) and is therefore ideal for those who want to construct a `shop area’.

The flexible and interchangeable nature of the system solves all your display needs and requirements.

New Display Range aimed at Gift Shops, Museums, Art Galleries, Heritage Sites and Garden Centres.